My Projects

I have had the pleasure of working with and organizing some fun spaces. Here are some examples of my work.

Confidentiality is critical and all photos are shared with my clients' permission. Click to learn about the process or pricing.

Eyesore Turned Functional Storage

Walking into your beautiful home should create a sense of calm or relief. Walking in to see a pile of junk in the corner does not do that! Every busy family has a catch all. This family just happen to have one that was visible from every corner of their open floor plan. It started with a beautiful piece of furniture that was going to hold the kids school papers, mail and some coloring books. The intentions were great, but reality always challenges your intentions. With a little effort we were able to take back the beautiful piece of furniture and make it functional storage.

Work Station

This work station was located off the heart of this busy family’s home. It served as a catch all for mail, kids school papers and crafts as well as the homeowner’s command center for their ongoing projects. I created order by decluttering a lot. Some of the papers had been through a move, new jobs and a few kids since it was last seen. However, when you are that busy it's not surprising! Once I identified what needed to stay, I was able to sort and organize the remainder. I even pulled in cookbooks from their multiple other locations and removed the need for the kitchen junk drawer! A system was then created to help this busy family address all incoming paperwork and keep their multiple projects organized. This system will ensure that the order that was created will continue. This is one eyesore the family won’t have do hide anymore! Do you have an area that makes you cringe to look at? 

Cluttered Closet

This client was struggling with the pile of sporting equipment and kids craft supplies that were overrunning a closet in her guest room. I took the time to sort through the craft, preschool and game supplies and we did a little purging. Items that required adult supervision were placed out of reach of the young children, while games were easily accessible. The sporting goods were a different challenge. The odd shapes of various gun cases, hiking packs and tackle boxes tended to topple every time something was pulled out. Some simple reworking and they are now all easily accessible without causing an avalanche of gear!

Sorted Clothes

Here we took a typical dresser and reworked it to be more functional. The photos show how the client is easily able to see what outfit she is grabbing for the day. This functional dresser coupled with an organized closet makes getting ready a breeze and saves the client time every morning! What would you do with an extra 5 minutes every day?

Paper Management System

This client was constantly overwhelmed by the amount of paper she had to deal with. It wasn’t more than anyone else, she just didn’t know what to do with it. I reorganized her filing system to ensure everything had a home. We purged outdated and unnecessary paperwork. Finally, I created a process for her incoming papers. Once everything had a home, filing was easier and less stressful. Important and in progress papers remained handy and easily identifiable. No more late fees because of a lost bill for this client! Does your paper management system save you time and money?